Electrical installations

Based on its sound know-how and electrical engineering experience, the activities of EGA Group include projects, technical specifications, andwork supervision for different types of electrical installations:

  • Home electrical installations
  • Industrial electrical installations
  • Public buildings (hospitals, railway stations, harbours, etc.)
  • High fire hazard buildings (theatres, temporary shows, etc.)

Projects and technical specifications
All projects are implemented after the analysis of the customer's needs, and in consideration of the environmental factors of the working area.
The projects include the preliminary analysis, the feasibility study of the installation, and the preparation of the technical specifications, in compliance with the applicable regulations.
Our electrical installation projects grant the accuracy of the installation functionality and safety, as provided for by the applicable regulations.

Once the project is ready, EGA Group can offer the works supervision, thus granting the correct management of the works schedule and costs, as well as the works quality compliance with the specifications. In addition to the project correct execution, our team grants its intervention should any critical urgency occur on site.

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